We would like to thank the Ridge Athletic Club in Bozeman, MT for allowing us to photograph our products in their facility. 

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While visiting East Africa I was struck by the similarities

of the tribal Maasai artwork, design and colors with the

North American Pueblo tribes. Throughout the world, art

is a voice that expresses beauty, history and aspirations of

its creator. It brings the realization that we are all still tribes

and are interconnected by our humanity.

Having gained inspiration from that realization, I wanted to create a literal thread around the world with a visual wearable product to acknowledge that we have a commonality that is undeniable.

The designs are developed by our design team to bring to you the bold and unique qualities of tribes around the world.

  • Maasai - Nilotic ethnic group inhabiting Kenya and northern Tanzania. They enjoy semi-nomadic lifestyle and continue their age-old customs and art.

  • Acoma Pueblo - Native American tribe inhabit Acoma Pueblo built atop a sheer-walled 367' sandstone bluff. Since 1150 A.D., oldest continuously inhabited community in North America. Artisans are known for their fastidious geometric arrangements.

  • Maori - Indigenous Polynesian people arrived in New Zealand between 1250 and 1300 from eastern Polynesia, Ta moko- the art of Moari tatto is a unique expression of cultural heritage and identity.

  • Celtic - After the decline of the Roman Empire the Celts largely disappeared from the mainland Europe, however, the British Isles particularly in Ireland and Scotland saw a continuation of the Celts and their culture.

  • Mongol - After Genghis Khan united the nomadic tribes of central Asia and China, groups of ethnic clans retained their own culture identity and art.

  • Persia - Persia the cradle of civilization, has one of the richest art heritages in world history, their culture is the glue that bonds the tribes in that region.

  • Inca - The lost civilization of Peru produced some of the finest works ever created in ancient South America in metalwork, ceramics and above all textiles, considered the most prestigious by the Incas themselves.

  • USA - Representing more than 300 cultures, American culture combines the customs and traditions of all these tribes and pours them into the "melting pot" creating the most ethnically and culturally diverse nation in the world weaving our tapestries into one voice and spirit.